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Closet Organizing

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  Closet Organizing business. Have a passion for neatness? Turn it into a closet organizing business.

  Business Overview

  Closet organizing took the home renovation industry by storm back in the '80s, and although it faded from popularity for a few years, it has returned with a vengeance, once again becoming one of the most popular interior renovations that homeowners are undertaking. Don't be too concerned if you lack the carpentry skills to transform unorganized closets into neatly organized mini clothing warehouses, complete with built-in shelves, drawers, ironing boards, and garment racks. You can concentrate on designing, marketing, and managing the business while hiring carpenters and handymen to perform the installations. You will, however, need a workshop outfitted with carpentry equipment and tools, as well as suitable transportation. Promote your services through advertising in newspapers, coupon and flier deliveries, subcontracting for homebuilders, interior designers, and renovation companies, and by exhibiting at home-and-design consumer shows, which can often generate a few hundred excellent leads from a single event.
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