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  Customer Service Training business.

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  At some point we've all received bad service from a store, restaurant, or office, both over the phone or in person. And it's probably happened a lot more than once. The end result of such an encounter is usually a vow never to return to the business, or refer others to the business. Rude or poorly trained employees cost companies millions of dollars each year in lost business and referral sales. But companies that take proactive steps to ensure that all employees receive professional customer service and appreciation training have a leg up on the competition. They wait in the wings with arms wide open to receive disgruntled customers when others don't meet their expectations. You can earn incredible profits by starting a consulting service that offers customer service and appreciation training programs specifically designed to meet your clients' individual needs. The starting point is to choose a specialty, such as retail, food service, receptionists and so on. Training can be based on your own expertise as well as on the input of other customer service professionals who help create the training curriculum and manuals.
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