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Expert Witness Referral Service

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  Expert Witness Referral Service business. Pair up lawyers with expert witnesses to help them have a successful trial.

  Business Overview

  Starting an expert witness referral service is a unique opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur to tackle. Insurance companies, defense lawyers, activists, politicians, public prosecutors, health-care providers, unions, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, hospitals and corporations often use expert witnesses to substantiate or refute claims and testimonies via their expertise on the topic or subject matter. The most common expert witnesses are forensic specialists, gun specialists, military experts, engineers, medical doctors, aviation experts, maritime experts, construction, investment analysts, computer scientists, security personnel, environmentalists, psychiatrists, transportation experts and business experts. The service works very much like an employment agency; potential clients contact you with their expert witness needs and you refer them to a qualified expert who can fulfill those needs, but with a higher degree of security and anonymity to protect both clients and expert witnesses. You can charge expert witnesses a fee to be listed with your service, or retain a percentage of the fee they earn as an expert witness, which in some cases can range well into five figures.
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