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Self Service Car Wash

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  Self Service Car Wash business. Set up a spot where clients can wash their own cars and watch the profits flow in.

  Business Overview

  When most people think of a car wash, they tend to think of an exterior-conveyor wash. There are other types of washes, though, including self-service car washes. Most self-service car washes are coin-operated brush-and-hose combinations that the driver uses to dispense soap, wash the card and rinse it off.

  The Market

  The self-service car wash patron is typically a renter. Since they don't own a home and may have little space to wash a car where they live, a professional facility is a necessity. They're also a bit more cost-conscious than those who frequent full-service or exterior-conveyor washes, and tend to have slightly lower incomes. Men tend to use self-serves more than women, according to industry research.

  Needed Equipment

  You need the wash unit, vacuums and water systems for your car wash.
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