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Online Recycled Renovation Products

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  Online Recycled Renovation Products business. You know what they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure.

  Business Overview

  Here is a unique business start-up for the savvy webmaster. Thousands of homes are demolished annually in the United States to make way for new houses and buildings. Many of these same homes have items like hardwood flooring, bathroom fixtures, and doors and windows that are of value and can be recycled. You can profit by developing a Web site where these valuable items can be listed for sale. The site should be indexed by product with a section for hardwood flooring, a section for windows, etc. This would enable visitors to easily navigate the site and find what they are looking for quickly. In terms of making money, there are a few options. The first is to charge contractors and homeowners a fee for listing the recycled building products on the site. The second option is to let customers list the items for free and retain a commission upon successful sale. Another option would be to make the site free to use for both visitors and people wishing to list items for sale and sell or rent banner advertising space to merchants and service providers seeking exposure to your Web site users.
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