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House Numbers On Curbs

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  House Numbers On Curbs business. No need to curb your enthusiasm. Painting house numbers on curbs will get you outdoors and let your creative juices flow.

  Business Overview

  Here is a fantastic moneymaking venture that just about anyone can start for less than $100. The business is simply painted house numbers in reflective paint on the road curb in front of the house. The purpose of having the house number painted on the curb in reflective paint is so that in the event of a 911 call the emergency personnel can locate the house easier day or night. Additionally, address numbers often become hidden by overgrown trees and shrubs. Having the numbers clearly and professionally painted on the curb makes life much easier for home deliveries, such as the Friday night pizza. The only equipment requirements to set this venture in motion are a set of good quality vinyl numbers stencils an d a paintbrush. To market the service, simply design an effective door hanger marketing brochure that details all the benefits of your low-cost service, and start hanging them on every door handle in the community. This is the type of business that can be summed up a s numbers game, meaning the more door hangers you distribute, the more house numbers you will paint. Typically, this method of marketing will result in a two to three percent closing rate. However, given this valuable service is a particular fear sell, and because this service is also unique, there should be no difficulty in securing a five to ten percent closing rate from the door hangers. Providing you secured ten clients per day and charged each one $20 for the service, the business could generate revenues in excess of $50,000 per year.
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