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Carport Conversions

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  Carport Conversions business. Make carports more secure for storage by turning them into a garage.

  Business Overview

  Did you know that most carports share the same footprint size and dimensions? While this may not seem important to most people, it is very useful information if you plan to start a business that specializes in converting carports into garages. Due to the fact that so many carports share the same dimensions, it creates a terrific opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur to predesign and build standard carport conversion kits that can be sold on a you  - install or we-install basis. This type of business is an ideal candidate for starting from home on a part-time basis until the business is established and profitable. To gain customers, simply design a promotional marketing brochure describing your unique product and service, and distribute these brochures to all of the homes in your community that have carports. Prior to initiating this kind of business venture, check local building codes and regulations to ensure that your carport conversion kits will comply with all building code regulations.
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