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Concrete Cutting Service

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  Concrete Cutting Service business. Are you bored throwing your jigsaw blade into a 2 x 4? Step it up a notch with a concrete cutting business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a part-time concrete cutting service is a terrific way to earn additional income and gain valuable business experience. Potential customers for concrete cutting services will include construction and renovation companies, homeowners, property maintenance companies, and driveway installation companies. Simply put, the best way to gain clients and promote the business is to start knocking on doors and soliciting for business. Be sure to establish alliances with plumbing contractors, as they often have to cut concrete basement floors to repair or add additional plumbing pipes, and they will generally subcontract out this work to a concrete cutting service. Current rates for concrete cutting are in the range of $40 to $50 per hour, making this an excellent choice for a new business venture.
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