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Draft Proofing Service

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  Draft Proofing Service business.

  Business Overview

  1. Save homeowners money.
  2. Help the environment by reducing energy consumption.
  3. Create a more comfortable living environment for homeowners.
  4. Build a successful and profitable business.
  You can accomplish all four of the above-mentioned activities by starting our own residential draft proofing service. To get started simply employ current technology and equipment to first assess the home in terms of where the drafts are originating from and what measure can be taken to reduce or eliminate the source. A draft proofing service can function in two fashions. The first option is to carry out the assessment and create a document detailing recommendations and solutions. The second option is to carry out the assessment as well as the recommended draft-proofing repairs. In the case of the first option, you would simply charge the homeowner a fee for creating the assessment report. This report would explain and detail the recommended draft proofing measures that could save money on heating option would generate revenues from creating the assessment report as well as carrying out the recommended draft proofing repairs. These repairs could include increased insulation and ventilations, caulking, installation of door and window weather stripping, replacement of electrical wall receptacles to 'draft-proof' versions, and even replacement of doors and windows to new high-efficiency models. Providing you have the experience and tools required, you can carry out these repairs. If not, the repairs could be contracted to a local qualified handyman or renovation contractor. Both operating models for this business venture have the potential to be very profitable. Ideally, draft-proofing services are best marketed by establishing working relationships with utility companies, real estate brokers, home inspectors, renovation contractors, and property management firms.
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