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  Millwork Shop business.

  Business Overview

  Working on a part-time basis from a homebased workshop you can earn a tidy sum by operating a custom millwork shop. Custom millwork shops service renovation contractors and homeowners that are looking to restore or duplicate a piece of antique molding, handrail, spindle, or any other type of wooden ornament while renovating or restoring a home. Additionally, millwork shops often duplicate larger items for customers such as hardwood floor planks, wooden sash windows, fireplace mantels, and interior doors. The main requirements for operating this type of business is to have woodworking experience and a well-equipped ship. Tools required will include joiners, planers, table saw, miter saw, band saw, drills, clamps, and all other equipment commonly found in a woodworking shop. Market the service by contacting renovation companies in your local area that specialize in restoring heritage homes. Also contact antique dealers and auction services, as both can also refer your service for restorations and repairs of antique building products and furniture to their clients. Typically billing for this type of specialized work will be done on a per-job basis. However, on average the fee will equal approximately $35 to $50 per hour, plus materials.
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