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  Moving Service business.

  Business Overview

  The investment needed to start a moving or a moving and storage business can be very large and will vary depending on the size and operating format of the business venture. However, a small moving service that specializes in short-distance residential moving can be launched for less than $10,000 and has the potential to generate an income of $25 to $35 per hour for the owner/operator of the business. Once you have established that there is a need for an additional small residential moving service in your community, the next step is to ask yourself, 'How do I gain access to potential clients for the business?' Gaining access to potential clients for a moving service is best accomplished by establishing alliances with companies and individuals that already have access to customers that need a moving service. These companies can include furniture stores, real estate brokers and agents, and property management firms. Establishing strategic alliances with companies, associations, and individuals can often make the difference between business success and business failure, so be sure to build these vital contacts.
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