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Skylight Maintenance Service

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  Skylight Maintenance Service business.

  Business Overview

  There are literally millions of skylights installed in residential homes and commercial buildings across North America. In fact, having skylights installed ranks as one of the most popular home improvements today. However, most homeowners never stop to consider how they will maintain these skylights once installed. That's why starting a business that specializes in skylight cleaning and maintenance is such a fantastic new enterprise to get rolling. A ladder, some cleaning equipment, basic tools, and a little bit of construction knowledge is all you will need to set this money making service into action. There are a few methods to market the service. The first is to establish alliances with companies and other service contractors that can supply you with work or refer your service to their customers. These companies include property managers, window cleaners, and house painters. The second method to market the service is to simply design promotional brochures describing your service and drop off these brochures to every house in your community that has skylights. Either marketing method will work for one simple reason; skylights are generally 20 feet in the air, thus many people will have absolutely no desire to risk life and limb to clean or repair them.
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