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  Online Talented Pet Directory business.

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  Thousands of dogs, cats, and just about every other type of animal are featured in movies, commercials, and television programs each year. If you are seeking to start an online business enterprise that is a little bit out of the ordinary, then an online talent agency for pets may fit the bill. In a nutshell the concept is to create a portal that brings animal owners and trainers together with the film production industry via your Web site. The site should be indexed as to the various types of animals that are featured such as a dog section, a cat section, and so on. Furthermore you will have to create subsections for search purposes within each category like the breed or size of the animal. Each animal listing would include a headline that is linked to a pop-up page that features a picture of the animal, special skills, contact information, and any previous experience in the film industry. Producers, directors, or casting agents that are seeking to fill a particular animal role for a film project would simply log onto the site and view the listings that were of interest to them. Animal owners and trainers would pay a yearly listing fee to have their pets or animals featured on the site.
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