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Pet Taxi

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  Pet Taxi business.

  Business Overview

  A pet taxi service could be a difficult business to operate for a profit, unless you are located in a very densely populated urban center. However, a pet taxi service that is operated in combination with another business, such as a delivery service, can be a fantastic way to diversify and profit. The main requirements for operating a pet taxi service is to have suitable transportation such as a van or station wagon and a good communications system to enable you to quickly respond to customers' calls for pet pickup and delivery. Using a cellular telephone for incoming and outgoing calls and inquiries can easily fill the communication requirements. A pet taxi service can be marketed and promoted by using all the traditional marketing methods such as print media. Furthermore, a well-designed and informative promotional brochure that explains the service and pricing structure displayed in local pet-related businesses and retailers can go a long way to securing new and repeat customers.
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