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  Best Walking Trails Book business.

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  Harnessing the power of the Internet and technology can enable you to write books about the best pet walking trails for every community across North America, or even the world for that matter. How? Simply visit as many Web sites as possible that focus specifically on pets or dogs. By utilizing the Web site chat rooms you can ask site visitors questions that pertain to the best pet walking trails and areas in their specific community. The information gathered can become the basis for the 'best pet walking trails' book. Make no mistake, this is a fantastic business opportunity, as many communities now limit the places where dogs can be walked and exercised, on or off-leash. The series of books that are written can be self-published and distributed for sale through retail outlets such as book stores and pet stores. Or, you can approach a publisher with the idea and sample of your work to print and distribute the various best pet walking trail books. Additional revenue for this type of unique business venture can be gained by soliciting pet-related businesses in the communities that the book serves for advertising. For a fixed advertising cost you will promote and highlight their business in the book. The advertisement can be by way of a discount coupon or a traditional advertisement, which promotes the business, products, and services. This type of business enterprise is ideally suited for the creative entrepreneur who is seeking to generate a very lucrative income while working mainly from the comforts of home.
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