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  Pet Day Care business.

  Business Overview

  Day-care centers for dogs are becoming extremely popular as more and more caring dog owners are starting to realize that money spent on doggie daycare while they are at work is money well spent. Dogs, like people, are social creatures and need to have contact with people as well as other dogs to become better behaved and more confident family pets. A doggie day care is the perfect place for pet Rover to learn important and beneficial socialization skills. This type of business venture should not be confused with a kennel service, which is featured later in this chapter. This is a pet day-care center with a focus on dogs that are dropped off in the morning and picked up the same day, no overnight stays. To market the business, simply establish alliances with all local pet-related businesses in your community, such as pet food stores, pet grooming shops, and vets. A pet day-care center is not suitable as a homebased business venture, unless you have the space and the proper zoning. Ideally, the business location would have 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of indoor space and the same amount of outdoor space. To really give your clients the feeling of security so they know they have made the right choice in terms of pet day care, install a digital Web cam and broadcast live images of the day-care center activities over your company's Web site as this can be used as an amazing marketing tool for the business. Imagine, pet owners at work could simply log onto the pet day-care Web site and check on their dogs any time they wanted to. There are no limits on the beneficial use of technology in any business.
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