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Portable Sunshades For Pets

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  Portable Sunshades For Pets business.

  Business Overview

  The sun and pets are generally not a suitable match, and that's why a portable sunshade business for pets is a great idea. Portable pet sunshades are perfect items for any pet owner to purchase and take along on vacations or a trip to the beach with Rover. Not only can these handy little items potentially save some dogs lives, they also make the dog's day at a park a whole lot more comfortable. Ideally, the pet sunshades would be manufactured to be smaller than a traditional sun umbrella, but larger than a rain umbrella. The sunshades should feature colorful images of pets, as this can create an emotional type purchase from many pet owners. The pet sunshades can be sold to pet retailers and veterinarians on a wholesale basis, as well as sold directly to consumers via mall kiosks, the Internet, and mail order. This is a terrific small homebased business concept that really has the potential to grow and become a very profitable business concern.
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