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Dog Saddle Bags

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  Dog Saddle Bags business.

  Business Overview

  Calling all innovative entrepreneurs. Activating a business that manufactures and wholesales saddle bags for dogs may just be the kind of unique business enterprise you have been seeking to start. The dog saddle bags could be manufactured with comical messages printed on them such as 'Dog-in-Training,' or 'I'm with stupid' with an arrow pointing at the walker. The saddle bags could feature various compartments that can be utilized by the pet owners for carrying items like water, dog biscuits, and balls. This business would not take a lot of investment capital to get rolling and could easily be operated and managed from a homebased location. The options to marketing the saddle bags are limitless and include establishing accounts with pet retailers, mail-order sales, Internet sales via your own custom-designed Web site, or displaying and selling the saddle bags at flea markets and dog shows.
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