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Play Center For Dogs

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  Play Center For Dogs business.

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  Anyone, who owns a dog will tell you the most frustrating aspect of walking a dog is trying to find a suitable and safe area that the dog can run off-leash, play, and socialize with other dogs. More and more communities are banning dogs from parks, beaches, and playing fields making it an almost impossible chore to find an off-leash area for dogs, especially if you live in a densely populated urban center. I will guarantee that a play center for dogs would be a welcome addition in any community by both dog and nondog owners. The play center could be conducted from an indoor or outdoor location and feature grassy surfaces, ponds, and a lot of running space for dogs and their owners. Customers would pay an hourly fee for using the play center and for the really hardcore customers, a discounted monthly pass could be offered for sale. The business can be marketed by distributing promotional fliers and discount trial offer coupons throughout the community for the dog play center services. However, do not spend too much money on initial advertising because word will spread very quickly. Dog owners are fast to tell other dog owners about unique and beneficial services for their pets. Once established and proven profitable, this business is an outstanding candidate to be expanded on a national basis by selling franchises to qualified operators.
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