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Invisible Pet Fencing

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  Invisible Pet Fencing business.

  Business Overview

  Indoor and outdoor invisible pet fencing has become an extremely popular purchase for many pet owners in the past decade. A great business opportunity exists for entrepreneurs that start a service that sells and installs the fencing. Invisible pet fencing is a wire loop that is buried in the ground, or in the case of indoor applications is hidden under floor coverings. The wire loop is connected to a low-voltage transmitter and a separate wireless battery transmitter that is in the pet collar. When the pet gets too close to the boundaries as determined by the wire loop, the transmitter sends a conditioning signal to the collar and the pet stops, or retreats back. The best invisible fencing programs are ones that not only include the installation of the fencing, but also instructs pet owners in training and conditioning exercises that help the pets acknowledge the boundaries. Ideally, an alliance can be established with a professional dog trainer who would provide instruction exercises for the dog and owner. Once established, the business will expand quickly by way of repeat business and referrals. However, to kick things into high gear be sure to enlist the services of other business owners in the pet industry, such as groomers, kennels, and trainers to assist in promoting your business.
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