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  Construction Photography business.

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  Do you have $1,000 to invest in a new business enterprise that can potentially earn you thousands of dollars in profits each year? If so, coupled with basic photography skills, you can start a construction photography service. What exactly is a construction photography service you may ask? The answer and the business opportunity are very straightforward. Each year thousands of new homes are built in North America, and a construction photography service is providing new home owners with a complete photo album of their home's construction, right from the hole in the ground, to the moment the moving truck arrives. The photography service can be provided both in traditional film format, as well as digital format utilizing a digital camera. There is only one way to market this business. Do not waste your time chasing down the individual person who is building a new home. Instead, go after the real market, which is homebuilders and property developers. Why? Simply, because many of these companies build hundreds of new homes each year, and not only will securing photography contracts with these companies generate a handsome profit for you, it is also goodwill and a great marketing tool for the construction company. Imagine once the new house is completed, the owner or manager of the construction company presents the new homeowners with a complete photo album chronicling the home's construction start to finish. The best part of this scenario is the homeowner does not even realize they are going to receive this fabulous gift from the builder until the end of the project. Now that is powerful marketing, not in the aspect of attracting clients, but rather in the aspect of receiving referrals to attract new clients. Once explained, most construction companies will certainly have no hesitation in securing your photography services, as well as paying a few hundred dollars for each new home they build to be professionally photographed so they can provide their clients with a unique, special, value-added product.
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