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  Pet Photography business.

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  I am going to share an interesting business concept with you that involves photographing pets. My wife and I were out walking our dog Dana in a local waterfront park. It was approaching dusk and as we were standing there admiring the sunset a man approached us and asked if we minded if he took a few pictures of Dana and us with the sunset as a backdrop. Assuming he was a tourist or a photographer for the local newspaper we said sure. Once he was finished he asked for our address so he could mail a few of the pictures to us. Once again we said sure and gave him our mailing address. Approximately two weeks later we received a large brown envelope in the mail. Upon opening it we found a beautiful 8 by 10 photograph of Dana and ourselves, along with the photographer's business card and order form for additional prints of the photograph. Having our picture taken with our dog is something that never even entered our minds. However, that day my wife called the photographer and ordered six more prints of that picture in various sizes, as well as booked an appointment with the photographer to take further pictures of Dana. In the end the photographer spent about $8 dollars on a gamble that paid off, in our case to the tune of $200. I am certainly not implying that this type of marketing is suitable for everyone or every business or service. However, once again, the creative and innovative entrepreneur can create market demand, when there is none.
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