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Cd-Rom Photo Albums

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  Cd-Rom Photo Albums business.

  Business Overview

  How many photographs are there in the United States, and how many family memories and stories do each of these photographs represent? The answer for both questions is billions. Starting a business that transfers standard print photographs to CD-ROM photo albums is the focus of this business opportunity. Photographs are scanned into a computer software program, formatted, and transferred onto a CD-ROM disk. Once completed, the customer simply places the CD-ROM into the disk drive of their personal computer and open the CD-ROM containing all of their cherished photographs, professionally indexed and ready for viewing. The market for this type of photography service is unlimited, and best of all you do not have to possess any photography skills or experience to set this business in motion. An interesting approach to marketing this type of business is to design and construct a mobile kiosk display that can be set up in busy community gathering places such as malls, recreation centers, and grocery stores. The portable kiosk is ideal for live demonstrations of transferring the photographs to electronic file. While the kiosk may not generate same day sales and revenues, it will certainly get a lot of attention from shoppers and enable you to collect leads from potential clients.
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