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  Personal Post Cards business.

  Business Overview

  Once again, this is a business opportunity that could not have been started a decade ago simply because the technology to create instant post cards simply was not yet available. Get started by building a custom sales kiosk and equip the kiosk with computer equipment, software, and a digital camera. Then take pictures of tourists at tourist attractions. The pictures can be produced instantly in the format of a post card complete with text captions and graphics. Instead of tourists purchasing generic post cards to send home to family and friends, they purchase post cards featuring themselves in front of a tourist attraction or involved in a tourist activity. Outside of having the ability to run the camera and computer equipment, the main business requirement will be a very good and busy tourist location to set up the kiosk in order to take the pictures. Excellent locations can include tourist attractions, amusement parks, sports tours such as white water rafting centers, busy outdoor parks, and natural wonders.
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