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  Photo Business Cards business.

  Business Overview

  Designing photo business cards is a fantastic homebased business to set in motion. The equipment needed to operate a photo business card enterprise is inexpensive and includes a computer, scanner, design software, and a digital camera. Potential clients can include any person who is in business, or requires a business card for their job. The most efficient way to operate the business is to simply supply the service of taking the photograph to be used in the business card and designing the layout for the card. Printing the cards should be done by a professional printer as it will cost less to produce mass quantities and the overall quality will be far superior. Currently photo business cards are retailing for approximately $150 to $200 per thousand, and cost around $40 to produce that same quantity. Quick math will tell you that leaves around $100 to design the cards and take the picture, or about $50 per hour, making this a potentially very profitable business venture to start and run from a homebased location
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