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  Baby Photographer business.

  Business Overview

  The learning curve to become a baby photographer is relatively short and the potential profits this business can produce are excellent. When combined, these two facts create a pretty strong argument for starting a baby photography service. The business can be managed from home and operated on a full- or part-time basis. Equipment needed is inexpensive, and operating overheads are minimal. If you posses photography experience you are one step ahead of the game. If not, don't worry as there are photography courses available in every community that will put you on the path toward starting this business. There are numerous options in terms of how it will operate. You can go to clients' homes to take the photographs. You can set up a small studio in your own home providing you have the space and zoning permits. Or you can partner with one or more retailers in your community and set up a small photography studio within their store that operates one or two days per week. Of course you can also combine all three options and make it as convenient as possible for your customers to have their baby photographed. In addition to camera and developing equipment you will also need backdrop scenes, props, and a few toy diversions to keep the babies attention on the camera.
  Of interest, baby trading cards are really starting to become very popular and this is a service you may want to consider providing to your clients. Baby trading cards are a photograph of the baby complete the baby's name printed on the front and 'baby stats,' such as date born, height, weight, favorite food, etc., printed on the back. Parents love to give these baby trading cards to friends and family, as well as receive other cards from parents. The baby trading cards also provide a good opportunity for repeat business as the cards and photographs can be renewed annually, newborn, one-year-old, right up to the teenage years.
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