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House For Sale By Owner Publication

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  House For Sale By Owner Publication business.

  Business Overview

  Many homeowners are forgoing the services of a real estate agent when selling their homes as a method of saving money on commission fees. This situation creates a great opportunity for business-minded entrepreneurs to capitalize on by starting a 'For Sale by Owner' publication in your local community. The publication can be printed and distributed free of charge on a weekly or monthly basis and supported by selling advertising space to owners of the homes for sale. As well as selling advertising to local companies, such as moving and storage firms, consider adding home renovation businesses seeking to gain exposure to potential new clients. As a quick-start method to get the first publication in print and distributed, you can give away the 'home for sale' advertising spaces for free. This kind of grand opening promotion not only gets you rolling, but it also builds good will with the free advertisers, of which many will become paid advertisers for the next issue of the home for sale by owner publication.
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