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  Online Vacation Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  By designing and posting a 'vacation homes for rent' Web site you will not only be assisting people in finding the perfect vacation destination, but this type of online venture can also be expanded to include every major tourist area within the United States and Canada. The focus of this online business opportunity is to seek out owners of vacation homes that routinely rent these homes as a method to help finance the purchase and ongoing cost of ownership. Persuade them to list their vacation home for rent on your Web site. You can do this or you can employ sales consultants right across the country to solicit listings. Index the Web site by geographic location and type of rental accommodation for search purposes. In exchange for an annual listing fee, vacation homeowners would receive a bold heading that links to a Web page within the site that gives details and contact information including photographs about their vacation home for rent. Promote the site by placing low-cost classified advertisements in community newspapers under vacation properties for rent. Your ad could read, 'Thousands of vacation homes for rent. There are advertising programs available that will enable your ad to be featured in as many as 1,500 newspapers per month for less than $1,000. Contact your local community newspaper for details.
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