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Real Estate Advertising Kiosk

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  Real Estate Advertising Kiosk business.

  Business Overview

  Designing and constructing an unmanned real estate advertising kiosk is a fantastic way to get started in your own business. The kiosk can be located in high-traffic community gathering places such as malls and recreation centers. These same kiosks can feature advertisements for houses that are for sale locally. The advertisements would include a picture and brief description of the property for sale. Charging real estate agents a fee to utilize the kiosk for advertising the properties they have listed for sale could generate revenue. The kiosk would have to be constructed of low maintenance materials and feature lighting and safety glass fronts to deter vandals or tampering with the advertisements. Ideally, the kiosk would be four-sided and have the ability to hold 48 letter-sized ads. The advertising space can be sold for $50 per month, and the kiosk could generate an income of $2,400 per month prior to expenses.
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