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  Relocation Service business.

  Business Overview

  Put your organizational skills to work for you by starting a homebased relocation service. Annually, millions of people in North America move locally or sometimes across the country. For anyone that has undertaken a relocation or two in the past, I'm sure that you can easily identify with the need and demand for a professional relocation service. The main objective is clear. Providing relocation services for clients means you are responsible for coordinating the move, ensuring telephone and utilities connections have been completed, and in some cases providing school and other community services information. But also, and most importantly, you remove the anxiety from what can be a very stressful situation. A relocation service can be promoted by a few methods, including direct solicitation of large corporations that routinely shuffle management and employees around, building alliances with moving companies, and by joining your local chapter of the chamber of commerce, as many people will phone the chamber to find out more information about the community they are relocating to. Currently, rates for providing relocation services start at $500 each and can go much higher depending on the size and complexity of the move as well as unusual or special requests. For the entrepreneurs seeking big market opportunities, specializing in international relocations can be extremely lucrative. Ideally, operating a international relocation service will mean establishing a working relationship with a lawyer that specializes in immigration. You will also want to specialize in a specific country of origin.
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