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Real Estate Appraisal Service

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  Real Estate Appraisal Service business.

  Business Overview

  Canada requires all practicing real estate appraisers to undertake training and secure a license to practice. However, in the United States not all states have licensing requirements for real estate appraisers. Anyone considering a self-employment career as a professional real estate appraiser should receive the necessary training and secure the appropriate credentials. Additional considerations will also include the type of appraisal service or area of expertise you will provide, such as residential homes, commercial buildings, farms, or income-producing properties. The licensing requirements are different for each field. Real estate appraisal rates vary widely based on the type of property, the purpose of the appraisal, and the research required. Typically, appraisals start at $150 to $200 and go up from there. A good annual income level can be achieved with many real estate appraisers routinely earning six-figures per year after operating overheads and expenses.
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