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Train-Car Cottages

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  Train-Car Cottages business.

  Business Overview

  Old railroad freight cars and cabooses make fantastic cottages, guest homes, and studios. Starting a business that converts railroad cars and cabooses into useable living or work space is certainly not a venture that can be tackled by everyone. It requires substantial investment capital, careful planning, and most importantly, clever marketing. However, providing that this business enterprise is properly researched and capitalized, the profit potential could prove to be outstanding. Get started by checking building and zoning codes in the area that you would like to market this type of unique live/work space buildings. Assuming the first step is viable and the train cars can be converted into habitable dwellings that comply with local building codes and regulations, then you will want to start to contact railroad companies and private collectors to secure the rail-cars for their transformation. Initially, to keep start-up costs to a minimum you can provide the rail-car cottages or studios to people who already have land and that are seeking to build a cottage, add a guest home, or create a studio to operate a business or office from. Renovations and refurbishing the railcars can be contracted to local qualified contractors, and in most cases you will be able to pre-sell the railcar and let your customer decide about the features and amenities they would like built in. One thing is for sure, once you have a few train-car cottages on location, interest and demand will soon follow.
  web resource: Information and links about railroad cabooses and transformations into living space.
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