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  Online Houseboat Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  Take houseboat rentals online by posting your own 'houseboat for rent' Web site on the Internet. There are thousands of houseboat owners right across the country that would be more than willing to rent their houseboats when they are not using them as a method to help offset the high cost of ownership and maintenance. Likewise there are also thousands of people that rent houseboats every year for a unique family getaway. The objective is clear, bring these two parties together via the Internet. A Web site can easily be developed that is formatted as a houseboat for rent directory. In exchange for a small listing fee, houseboat owners seeking to rent their boats could post a for rent advertisement describing their boat, rental rates, and contact information on the site. Visitors to the site seeking to rent a houseboat would simply select a location from an index and start viewing houseboat rental information in that geographic area.
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