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Paint Ball Games

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  Paint Ball Games business.

  Business Overview

  If you have ever participated in a paint ball war game, you know how popular and fun these events can be that place you in direct competition with family, friends, and co-workers. The business structure is quite simple. People pay you a fee for transporting them to a site, so they can form teams and use paint ball guns to shoot paint balls at each other in a strategic game of war or cat and mouse. Market the business by going directly to large groups of people who will use a day of paint ball war games as an opportunity to take part in an event that can include a large portion of their entire group. Ideal candidates are corporations, schools, clubs, and sports associations. To really kick things into high gear attempt to enlist local high-profile politicians and business people to take part in a charity game. Place the citizens of the community in direct competition with these high-profile community leaders. Not only will this give you a real shot in the arm in terms of exposure for your new business, it can also raise a great deal of money for a local charity.
  requirements: The main requirement for this business venture is land to operate and host the paint ball game events. Additionally, an enclosed trailer can also be located on the event site to serve as a portable office and for equipment storage. Secondary requirements include liability insurance, first-aid equipment, and emergency action plans. The transportation of the participants can be contracted to a local transportation company to reduce start-up costs.
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