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Cross-Country Skiing

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  Cross-Country Skiing business.

  Business Overview

  Cross-country skiing is a fantastic way to stay fit while enjoying the great outdoors in the wintertime. A low-cost method to start your own cross-country ski facility is to rent agricultural land in the winter and setup a portable trailer to operate your business from. A cross-country ski facility can be marketed to just about anyone who is seeking a wintertime activity including sports associations, clubs, corporations, schools, and individuals. To really give this business a shot in the arm, give away thousands of two-for-one single-day ski pass coupons or free rental equipment with the purchase of a day ski pass. The intention of this type of promotion is to acquaint your business with as many people as quickly as possible. You will be surprised how many people return as full-paying customers once they realize how much fun and enjoyment they can get out of this sport.
  requirements: The first requirement for this business is snow, and lots of it. Locate in the northern climates of the United States or Canada, in an area known for large annual snowfall. The longer the winter season the more revenue your business will generate. Additional requirements will be obtaining liability insurance, securing rental land for operations, and checking to make sure that the zoning of the land allows for this type of commercial business venture. Furthermore, you will also need someone on staff with first-aid training and transportation, such as a snowmobile for emergency situations and for use in grooming, maintaining, and marking ski trails. The onsite trailer can serve as the office, concession, pro-shop, equipment storage, and classroom training facility. Providing the business is successful and capital is available, the business can be relocated to owned land with service buildings constructed. If the land is owned, the business could operate on a year-round basis offering mountain biking trails, equipment rental, and camping in the summer.
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