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  Online Adventure Trip Directory business.

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  How about a white-water rafting trip down the Snake River or perhaps a hot air balloon trip over Africa? Or for the truly adventurous maybe an ascent on Everest. Around the globe there are hundreds if not thousands of tour companies that specialize in high adventure tours and trips, and even if you are the nonadventurous type you can still profit by starting your own online adventure trip directory. The site can be indexed by type of adventure trip and geographic area. In exchange for a listing fee, adventure tour operators would receive a full-page listing in the site that describes their tour, their qualifications, and contact information. You can employ sales consultants to solicit tour operators to become members in the site and pay the consultants by way of commission based on sales revenues. Promote the site in travel publications and by registering with search engines. Become a member in a banner-advertising program and initiate a direct e-mail campaign aimed at frequent travelers.
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