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  Adventure Clubs business.

  Business Overview

  Establishing an adventure club in your local area is an exciting way to capitalize on the growing popularity of adventure trips, activities, and adventure sports in general. The business concept is to start an adventure club offering members discounts on sporting events, adventure holidays, sports equipment, and sporting activities. The hook is that there is no fee for a membership, as business revenues are earned from companies who wish to advertise in your discount directory and on the club's Web site. You will have little resistance from business owners you approach for advertising sales, providing you have a captive market that they want exposure too. This business can be fully operational for an investment of less than $15,000 and has the potential to return excellent profits for the creative entrepreneur. Furthermore, the fastest way to get members in the club, even though the memberships are free, is to set up a display booth at an outdoor recreation trade show for a week. This is the target market you want and there should be no problems acquiring a few thousand new members from a busy recreation trade show.
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