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Sporting Equipment Rentals

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  Sporting Equipment Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  There are literally hundreds of different types of sporting equipment that can be rented for profit, such as in-line skates, cross-country skiis, and bicycles. To be very successful in a sporting equipment rental business you need to locate the business in a busy area, with lots of tourists and local residences. Furthermore, having your rental business located in close proximity to parks, beaches, and playing fields is also crucial to the success of this kind of rental venture.
  start-up costs: Good-quality sporting equipment can be very expensive. However, these items require little in the way of maintenance and repairs. The type of sporting equipment you will be renting and where your business will be located will be the determining factors, in terms of start-up investment needed to get the business rolling.
  profit potential: Similar to the start-up costs, profit potential will also greatly vary. However, a well-established and well-equipped sporting equipment rental business can be very profitable.
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