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  Pool Table Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  Starting your own pool table rental business could literally be your break into the exciting world of business ownership. Pool playing is a relaxing pastime that unfortunately cannot be enjoyed by all, simply because many people find the cost of pool tables and accessories beyond their financial means. The real question is how to market this as a successful rental business. In terms of marketing consider holding a contest with the winner receiving free use of a pool table for six months including delivery, setup, and accessories. To generate interest in the contest, simply placed the pool table in a high-traffic indoor area, such as a mall. The pool table can have a sign placed on it describing the contest and prize. Also include a ballet box and instructions, as well as contest details. Once you have drawn a contest winner, you will be left with hundreds of potential customers who completed the entry form. You can then start to contact all of the contestants by way of direct-mail advertising or telephone to sell them on the idea of renting a pool table from your business.
  start-up costs: A complete pool table package retails for between $1,500 and $3,000. Of course good-quality secondhand pool tables and equipment can be purchased for about half the costs of the new pool tables and equipment.
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