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  Tent Trailers business.

  Business Overview

  Between roughing it in a tent and resting comfortably in a luxurious RV, tent trailers are the sensible middle ground for camping enthusiasts. Starting a part-time homebased business renting tent trailers is a wonderful way to cut your entrepreneurial teeth. The business can be marketed by word-of-mouth and referral or by traditional advertising print media methods. Furthermore you can promote your business attending homebased business owners association meetings. Renting a tent trailer for a camping holiday is not one of those things that pop directly to mind unless someone plants the seed.
  start-up costs: New tent trailers cost in the range of $7,000. However, good used tent trailers can be purchased for $2,000 to $3,000. Investment ranges $3,000 to $15,000.
  profit potential: Once again, with this type of rental item always strive to rent the item for at least 10 percent of the value. Providing that you have even three tent trailers, which you rent on average of 20 weeks per year, your business could generate sales of $18,000 per year, which is very good for a low-investment business that you can operate from home with a part-time effort.
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