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  Office Equipment business.

  Business Overview

  Desks, chairs, photocopiers, filing cabinets, and telephone systems are just a few examples of office equipment that is required by most businesses in order to function on a day-to-day basis. The demand for office equipment and furniture has never been greater, and many new business start-ups must rent this equipment, as their budgets do not allow for office equipment and furniture to be purchased out of precious business start-up capital.
  start-up costs: A business that rents office equipment and furniture can be initiated on a small scale, and for less than $10,000. Of course, the business can be expanded later from the profits that are generated. On a larger scale this sort of new rental service would require $30,000 to $50,000 to properly establish.
  profit potential: Rental rates will greatly vary, in terms of local market demand, and the age and condition of the equipment that is being rented. However, assuming the initial investment into the rental equipment for the business was $15,000, then you should expect rental revenues around $1,500 per month. Office equipment generally rents for 10 percent of its value on a monthly basis, meaning a 20 percent return on investment per year.
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