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  Online RV Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  Take RV rentals into cyberspace by starting a Web site that features RV rentals and information. Here is a dandy business opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur with a desire to operate a high-tech homebased business. In the United States there are more than ten million registered recreational vehicles and many RV owners rent their units when they are not using them. An equal number of people rent RVs annually and set out onto the highways and byways on vacation. What an opportunity to bring these two parties together via your specially designed RV rental Web site. The site could be indexed by city or state as well as RV classification. Visitors would simply scroll through the index until they found the type of RV they were interested in renting. You could charge RV owners a portion of the rental revenue they received. However, to simplify the business and bookkeeping, stick to just charging a small posting or listing fee. Additionally, to increase visitor interest and site stickiness, develop a camping or RV park directory. Good content can go a long way in building a great Web site. Imagine; only 1,000 RV owners paying a mere $15 a month each to have their rental information featured on the Web site will create yearly sales of $180,000.
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