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  Fencing Rental business.

  Business Overview

  Renting portable fencing solutions to construction companies and outdoor event planers is a fantastic homebased rental business that can be started on a relatively small initial investment. Most rental fencing is in the form of a chain link that is generally six  to eight feet high. Additionally, the fencing is typically installed with barbed wire on top to prevent trespassers into the construction site or event.
  start-up costs: Ninety-five percent of the start-up costs associated with this business venture will be the purchase of the fencing material and suitable transportation for delivery purposes. The balance of the start-up costs will be used for a simple marketing brochure and establishing the legal aspects for the business, such as business registration and rental contract forms. Start-up investment range is $15,000 to $30,000.
  profit potential: Fence rental rates are calculated by the total number of linear feet required for the job. Furthermore, there are additional charges for the complexity of the installation and factors, such as the number of gates and height of fencing required.
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