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  Portable Buildings business.

  Business Overview

  There are many uses for portable buildings to be set up on a location for temporary business and operating applications. Potential clients for a portable building rental business include construction companies, fairs, outdoor auctions, outdoor liquidation sales, movie and TV production sites, outdoor community special events, sporting events, and roadside vending. The biggest requirement for starting a portable building rental business is the ability to move and set up the portable buildings. However, many of the portable buildings that are rented for the above mentioned applications are modified trailers to suit the client's needs.
  start-up costs: The initial start-up investment required to set this business in motion will vary greatly to the number of portable buildings you will be renting as well as the equipment that is supplied or outfitted with the buildings. Investment range is $20,000 to $50,000.
  profit potential: Portable building rental rates start at $200 per day and $400 per week. Assuming you can meet clients' requirements; a profitable living can be made renting portable buildings. Additional considerations include transportation, storage, and insurance coverage.
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