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  Moped Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  One ride on a moped is generally all it takes to become a confirmed moped nut. This rental venture is best served by establishing the business in a high-traffic area that caters to and is visited mainly by tourists. The business can be operated from an independent location or in partnership with a hotel or multiple hotels acting as the rental location for the mopeds. A mechanical aptitude will assist with keeping your fleet of mopeds on the road and in good repair.
  start-up costs: A fleet of ten new mopeds will set you back about $15,000. Additionally, depending on how you establish the rental operation, an additional $5,000 to $10,000 of working capital will be required.
  profit potential: Mopeds rent for $50 to $60 per day plus the cost of insurance and gasoline. Once again, providing that your business is located in a busy year-round tourist area and that you have only ten mopeds for rent, you could generate yearly revenues exceeding $100,000. Additional income can be acquired by renting bicycles and in-line skates from the same location. Also, you may act as a booking agent for local tours and tourist attractions, as the commissions earned can really add up and generate excellent additional income for the business.
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