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  Portable Sign Rental business.

  Business Overview

  Just about every retail merchant holds at least one large sale per year and these sales all have to be advertised and promoted to get the attention of consumers. Starting your own portable sign rental business will allow you to cash in on the retailers seeking to promote their sales. Portable rental signs generally feature a flashing arrow or some other type of attention-grabbing feature. These signs have the ability to change messages, either electronically or with the use of individual letters. To kick this business into high gear, simply check the local newspapers for merchants that are advertising forthcoming sales. You can then call or visit these businesses and present all the benefits that having a portable message sign on site will have in terms of increasing potential revenues for their sales.
  start-up costs: Start-up investment range is $10,000 to $15,000.
  profit potential: Portable message signs rent for $75 per day and $150 per week. Your arithmetic skills do not have to be good to realize that having a few portable signs that are rented on a regular basis can really generate some serious cash flow and profits.
  web resource: Manufac-turers of portable signs and letters.
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