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  Video and Camera Equipment Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  Digital video and camera equipment is the latest high-tech craze. No film developing costs and you can see the images almost immediately right on your PC monitor. Initiating your own digital video recorder and camera rental business is a great homebased business endeavor to start. The absolutely best way to market the business is through local hotels and motels. Building alliances with these accommodation establishments can make you rich. Simply design a brochure and price list and obtain permission from the hotels, etc., to place this brochure into all of their rental rooms. You can rent the equipment directly to vacationers and business travelers that call you as a result of seeing the brochure in the hotel. Providing your customers with a free one-hour delivery service right to their hotel room is also a valuable method to overcoming any potential resistance to renting the equipment. Of course, you will need to work out a revenue splitting or payment arrangement with the hotels and motels that permit you to post your brochures.
  start-up costs: An initial start-up investment of $8,000 to $12,000 can set this business venture into motion.
  profit potential: Digital camera equipment rents for $30 per day per item and up. This is definitely the kind of rental business that allows you to charge 10 percent of the rental item's value each time the equipment is rented.
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