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Scaffolding Rentals

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  Scaffolding Rentals business.

  Business Overview

  Almost every building and home service trade needs to rent scaffolding at some point in the course of operating their business. To start this type of business you purchase new or secondhand scaffolding, design a brochure and price list, and distribute the brochure to local home service companies and contractors in your community. Providing a free delivery and pickup service for scaffold rentals will get the telephone ringing and scaffold rental orders coming in.
  start-up costs: The investment needed to get the business rolling is very reasonable; $10,000 will suffice initially until the scaffold rental inventory can be expanded from the profits earned. A secondhand truck, van, or utility trailer can be used for deliveries, or the delivery aspect of the business can be contracted to a local transportation firm.
  profit potential: A small scaffold rental service can achieve profits in excess of $20,000 per year, and additional revenue can be generated by installing and dismantling scaffolding for larger rental contracts.
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