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Online Parking Space Broker

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  Online Parking Space Broker business.

  Business Overview

  So you live in a densely populated urban center where trying to rent a parking space for an automobile is near impossible? Then becoming a parking space broker may be just the new business opportunity that you have been searching for. Working as a parking space rental broker has the potential to be very profitable business, not to mention the fact that you can operate right from home. Once again, this unique rental venture is ideal for an online enterprise via your own specialized Web site. Owners or lessors of the parking spots who wished to rent their parking spot could simply post a notice on the Web site. People who are looking for a parking spot would simply visit the parking Web site to check availability. This type of operating format for this cyberenterprise would enable you to cover every major city in the world, if you were so inclined. The total start-up cost to launch this kind of online venture would be in the range of $25,000 to $50,000.
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