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  Tanning Equipment business.

  Business Overview

  People love to have a nice tan. Unfortunately, medical studies have proven beyond any doubt that exposure to the sun's harmful rays can cause a whole host of skin-related ailments. That's what makes starting your own business renting in-home tanning equipment such a logical business start-up venture.
  marketing tip: This may sound crazy, but working with travel agents to help rent the tanning beds for in-home use is a fantastic way to set this business in motion. The most frequent visitors to tanning salons are people who will be going on holidays to a sunny destination in the near future. The idea is to get a base tan prior to leaving on vacation. Building these alliances with travel agents makes a lot of sense because they know exactly who is going on vacation and when.
  start-up costs: Secondhand tanning beds in great condition can be purchased for as little as $1,500 each. An initial investment of $10,000 can get this business underway and working for you.
  profit potential: Tanning beds can be rented for as much as $200 per week to people seeking the perfect tan. Assuming your rental business had four tanning beds each working just 25 weeks per year would create business revenues of $20,000 per year. To increase sales, add other rental products like portable hot tub and pool tables. Adding these items can enable you to create 'packaged fun rentals' by the week or month that could include multiple rental items and be offered to clients as a discount package rental rate.
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